Who I Am

I live in Washington, D.C., but Iā€™m really from the Midwest. The cold part of the Midwest.

I love books and art and politics and grammar and theater and music and video games and history and technology and all kinds of movies, especially monster movies and noir and spaghetti westerns and the Marx Brothers.

I have a lot of literary heroes.  A partial list: Virginia Woolf, Diana Wynne Jones, Kelly Link, Matt Bell, Karen Russell, Carmen Maria Machado, Zora Neale Hurston, Lu Xun, Italo Calvino, Yoko Ogawa, Wallace Stevens, Blake Butler, Susan Cooper, Robert Kloss, Mo Yan, Phillip K. Dick,  E. Nesbitt, Ellen Raskin, Faulkner, Ben Loory, Melville, Marlon James, Beckett, Alexander Chee, Laura van den Berg, Harold Pinter, Shirley Jackson, Muriel Spark, Mavis Gallant, Clarice Lispector, Dorothy Sayers, Dostoyevsky, Ashbery, Ionesco, Aase Berg, Karen Blixen, Kafka, Woolf, Fitzgerald, Hopkins, Sasha Fletcher, Borges. And a million others.

My political hero is the late Senator Paul Wellstone. My favorite superhero is Batman. My favorite filmmaker is Agnes Varda. My favorite color is pink. I am a raging feminist.