Let’s coin a phrase: let’s name a certain kind of fiction that creeps and crawls and sometimes does backflips among its respected realistic brethren. Let’s call it domestic fabulism.

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Published Short Fiction

In this story, red means nothing. In this story, rope is for climbing, not falling. Here there are no signifiers, no associations, as if everything were happening for the first time. As if sensations were like the closed cells of monks and gardenia perfume didn’t smell like anything but gardenias.

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She sent maps made of clay, locks with no key, books with words cut out, fantastical animals and landscapes. He sent puzzle boxes, lacquered bangles engraved with kanji, bright yellow Dutch clogs. They sent maps of where they’d been and circled where they were going. And the world was crowded with things that meant love.

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WAMU Interview and Reading : Amber Sparks and the Unfinished World